There are plenty of courses to help you prepare for primaries and fellowship exams, but almost none are specifically designed to help you with one of the most difficult challenges facing a budding Emergency Doctor; starting work as an Emergency Registrar.

The Emergency Pre- Vocational Incubator Course is specifically designed for the budding Emergency Doctor. By completing this course you will be safer, more confident, and ready to thrive on the floor as a senior resident. This course, taught by a team of ED Doctors from one of Australia’s most challenging and diverse emergency departments, focuses on both knowledge and practical skills. You will have the opportunity to learn via high-fidelity simulation which will allow you to practice your medical knowledge in real-time as well as develop a team leader style.



ECGs are scary!  There are all those boxes, letters, and squiggly lines.  EPIC is here to help. 

The ECG certificate is an extra module being offered to EPIC learners.  There are 3 steps to completing your Intermediate level ECG certificate:

1. Attend the ECG interpretation session on the first date of the course

2. Complete 15 ECG interpretations supervised by a FACEM at your work on real-life patients.  This can happen at any time during the year.

3. Pass the ECG assessment on the last day of EPIC

ECG Assessment Form